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∞ LUCID Satelight ∞ w/ Mimi Love & Winter-Solstice Cacao Kirtan

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∞ LUCID Presents ∞ SATELIGHT SESSIONS ∞ with music by Mimi Love, Alma ∞ Omega & Shepherd, Light Visuals by Wolf and Bird, and a special Winter Solstice Cacao-Kirtan hosted by Ian Wilkes from Anahata Ma

Oooooooh, we feel you, Berliner Being: we feel the collective longing/craving/starvation for some uplifting VORTEX-LIGHT-TRIBE-VIBES for our bodies & souls…A healthy dose of Vitamin DEEP…A space to Dance into Oblivion, Sweat out any fears for the upcoming Winter-Blues, & Dream a Technicolor Reality together: All. night. long.

For this special Winter-Solstice chapter of the Lucid Satelight, our intention is to NOURISH ourselves on multiple levels of our being:
with DEEP Music (that won’t let you stop moving), a special Cacao-Kirtan-Ritual (guaranteed to soothe & uplift your tender heart) and straight up Shameless-Sweaty-Dancing, in an intended space of magic…A place and space to re-charge from the inside out ♥


Picture Lucid beams of light streaming into the cracks of the Berliner Party-sphere: blending boundaries, opening portals of play, dancing fiercely, chilling shamelessly, crossing over into a new Vortex-flavored-space:

As a Satellite orbits landscapes of different worlds and planets, this 6th gathering of Lucid’s ∞ SATELIGHT SESSIONS ∞ will combine the Spirit, Flava’s & Tribal love that is Planet-Lucid into new landscapes within the Berliner Party-Universe: sailing into new spaces and filling it with the dopest underground frequencies of music, dancing, ritual & intentional-communal play.

Our playground will be held at one of the coziest clubhouses in Berlin, Beate Uwe, where you are warmly invited to come early to dance, ritualize your evening with Sacred Raw Cacao, take off your shoes, soak up deep frequencies in the form of beats, meet old friends and hug new ones…The entire space will be free of smoke (except for the occasional Kopal, Palo Santo, Sage), and you can smoke the rest outside in der Berliner Luft 🙂



Doors open at 21:00

21:30 – 22:45 Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony lead by Ian Wilkes from Anahata Ma: Anahata Ma is a grassroots charity organization and community of healers and teachers sharing their gifts by donation around the world to fund the construction of clean water systems and orphanage support in Southern India:

// Ian will also be hosting the Cacao Bar after the ceremony, where he will be providing more information & taking donations for this amazing project: raising funds to build clean water systems, support orphan children and develop sustainability in the tribal villages of Kerala, South India.

//Pre-Sale Tickets for Cacao HERE (please don’t sleep, we will sell out!):

::: MUSIKA :::

22:45-1:00: Womb-Tech-Sounds to fill heart-womb-loins-lips! with Alma ∞ Omega

01:00 – 03:30: Our Berlin Hearts beat soooo lushly for Mimi Love

3:30-6:00: Deeeeeeeeeeep into the heart of DANCE with our favorite late-night-master: Shepherd

// Intergalactic Light Visuals mixed live by Wolf and Bird
// Cacao Bar & Love infusion by Anahata Ma
& More Satelight Shenanigans to come…!

∞ Banner Artwork by Melita Photography

With deep Love, Respect & Joy ♥
The Lucid Satelight Family

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21. Dezember 2018 @ 21:00
22. Dezember 2018 @ 6:00


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